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Policies and Conditions Concerning Financial Aid Awards


  • Awards are contingent upon actual receipt of funds from the federal, state and/or district funding sources.
  • The Financial Aid Office reserves the right to revise or cancel an award at any time because of changes in the financial or academic status of students.
  • Students must report to the Financial Aid Office any other financial assistance (scholarships, loans, grants, fee waivers, veterans’ benefits, and social security income) not previously reported.
  • Students may register with a deferment based on expected financial aid award. Deferments must not exceed the financial aid eligibility for the payment period. Students are responsible for the difference between the deferment and the registration costs. Students must approve and sign deferment agreements for tuition, books, and supplies. After registration, any money owed will be deducted from the actual award received for the student. Once these deductions have been made, the balance of awards will be disbursed to students.
  • Students must notify the Financial Aid Office immediately of any changes in name, address, marital status, felony drug conviction, or enrollment status with appropriate verification documentation.
  • Financial aid awards are not renewed automatically. A new FAFSA application must be submitted each year. New forms are available each year and can be accessed at http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
  • Students selected for Verification based on SAR or ISIR indicators must comply with the requested information.
  • Students are responsible for picking up any grant checks within a reasonable period of time after the disbursement date. If students have not picked up their payments within 20 business days after the last date that their enrollment ends in that award year, the institution may credit the students’ account only for allowable outstanding charges for the award year incurred by students while they were eligible in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations 34 CFR 690.78(c), Federal Pell Grant Program. Attempts to contact students who do not pick up grant checks must be documented.
  • Intentional false statements or misrepresentations on any of the federal financial aid application materials will subject students to a fine or imprisonment, or both, under provisions of federal law.
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) must be maintained in order to receive financial aid.
  • Awards are based on continuous enrollment without interruption. If students withdraw from school, awards may become null and void. Students must see the Financial Aid Officer to reactivate the award should they re-enter. The award may then be recalculated.
  • Financial aid checks that have not been picked up and issued to students will be returned to the funding source. Eligibility of the reissuance of funds will be determined on a case by case basis.

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